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Evaluation & Registration
Duration varies
Detailed Evaluation and lifetime registration with MK9C

Pack Walk
Weekly pack walk. Free with Registration
Location announced each week. Weather permitting

Duration varies
Going on vacation? Group play/Yard time + practicing patience, manners, & impulse control. Spaces are limited, Resident Training gets priority.

Resident Training Programs
Duration varies
Customized to the clients needs/goals. Yard time (group play if social), walks, and 1 on 1 training daily. Basic, Advanced, & Behavior modification. Teaching you and your dog to communicate and work better together!

1 On 1 Training Sessions
Duration varies
Customized Private 1:1 training.

Assistance Dog Programs
Duration varies
Service Dogs, Emotional Support Dogs, Therapy Dogs, and Skilled Companion Dogs. We offer a affordable way to get an assistance dog for anyone who needs it! Applications being accepted, call for info

Employee Training on Public Access
Duration varies
Not sure if a dog is a real Service Dog? Concerned about questioning a dog’s right to Public Access? Schedule a seminar now to learn what you legally can and cannot ask.

Group Classes
currently none scheduled

Puppy Socialization Class
currently none scheduled

Please call or email for pricing: